Low carb, gluten free noodles? Yes, they exist.

Shirataki noodles are low carbohydrate, low calorie, chewy, translucent traditional Japanese noodles. They are becoming increasingly popular outside of Asia with people who are trying to lose weight or following a low carb diet.


Smart Facts:

  • zero calories
  • zero net carbohydrates
  • no gluten, no dairy, no soy, no fat, no sugar
  • made from a water-soluble dietary fiber calles glucomannan

Shirataki noodles also go by the name konnyaku noodles or yam noodles. They come from a root of an Asian plant called konjac and are largely composed of water and glucomannan, a water-soluble dietary fiber. Fiber itself has no calories and is passed through your digestive system intact. However, because fiber absorbs water, Shirataki noodles can provide a full-feeling. Of course, the reason why we eat is to get calories that our body needs and there is no benefit to eating a food that does not provide the body nutritional value but if you are following a low carb diet or struggling with cravings, or you would like to have that full feeling without indulging in a high calorie meal, Shirataki noodles might be worth a try! In case this is not for you and you are looking for a more nutritious pasta alternative that is still low in carbs and gluten free, check out our zucchini pasta recipe!

There are two types of Shirataki noodles. The traditional Shirataki noodles have zero net carbs, no gluten and can be used as a low carb substitute for whole grain pasta. The second type of Shirataki noodles is tofu-based and contains a minimal amount of carbohydrates and calories (1 pack – 200g – 40 kcal – 2 servings). They do not have much flavor by themselves, but absorb flavors well from other ingredients you can combine them with. Shirataki noodles are great in Asian noodle dishes, you can add veggies, tofu, garlic or soy sauce to enhance the flavor!

They are purchased pre-packaged in liquid. The liquid has a slight fishy smell to it, so it’s recommended to rinse the noodles under water for a couple of minutes before cooking. Shirataki noodles normally have a shelf life of up to one year.

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